September : Poetry e-zine

Just a Tourist [E-zine]


Wander with me through the 29 poems in this collection.

Catch a glimpse of the colourful scenes I’ve seen in my exploration of this world.

Breathe in the emotions endured by humanity in the day-to-day.


If you would like to talk about the poems, I will be more than happy to walk through those thoughts with you.

Just send me a message via email –!


Note: This is a digital download in PDF format.


This e-zine is a digital download.

You will be receiving a downloadable link through a Payment Confirmation email so be sure to check your Inbox or Spam folders (since there’s a tendency for verification-type emails to show up in the Spam folder rather than the Inbox folder).

If anything happens during this process, send me an email – and I will be more than happy to help you solve it.




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