I’m a Malaysian artist and poet

who paints her daydreams into reality

and births enigmatic poetry as the explanation.


Welcome to the eccentric world of Anntidote!

My Purpose

When we daydream, we take time out from the physical world to rest and heal our inner world. The balance within your self fuels the productivity in your physical world and propels it forward. Therefore this balance is pivotal to your progress. Conscious daydreaming gifts us this.

I hope my art will remind the viewer (whether the person is conscious about it or not) to rest and daydream a little. Every time the viewer encounters my work, I would like it to give a nudge and remind the viewer to reflect on the painting or poem and figure out what it means to them and why. The definitions created from this act streams from the viewer’s soul. I have no say in it, the only part I play is to provide the triggers to start this daydreaming process.

I feel that daydreams are the antidote to the chaos that’s prevalent in our society. And this is what I’m serving my clients with Anntidote’s art and poetry.

I hope the daydreams you find in Anntidote will unveil a path that’ll lead you towards a life of learning and finding balance in your inner world.


My Creative Process

The start of my process is often triggered by a thought birthed from experiencing life with all of its complexities.

I find myself analysing this thought by daydreaming about it. Organically, my daydreaming will then take shape onto the canvas or in poetic lines, morphing into its own identity – an abstract symbol.

This is how I deal with the confusion and come to a realisation and even closure with the things I face in my day-to-day.